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Innovate UK-MoST funding for treatment of early osteoarthritis

A Proof of Concept Award funded as part of our partnership with Arthritis Research UK in 2015 has successfully secured a £2m Innovate UK-MoST grant, under UK-China Research and Innovation Bridges Competition 2015 scheme. The grant was awarded to continue the development of novel osteochondral scaffold technology for early intervention of osteoarthritis. Osteochondral scaffold technology, […]

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Innovate UK funding call: Developing regenerative medicines and cell therapies

Innovate UK is to invest up to £8 million in collaborative R&D projects to stimulate the development of regenerative medicines and cell therapies in the UK. The aim of this competition is to address the challenges of developing regenerative medicines and cell therapies as clinical treatments and commercial products. We are seeking proposals that advance […]

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