Academic Partnerships

Since 2015, the Medical Technologies IKC has extended its reach to become a national centre, building on the collective know-how we’ve developed in Leeds and applying it effectively in other universities across the UK.

During this time, we have been further developing our tools to help researchers evaluate their technologies and commercialise those which have real market potential The IKC Proof of Concept programmes, which are at the heart of what we do, have been made available nationally to all projects that fit with our strategic objective of removing barriers to industrial investment.

Our communications networks have expanded to increase their national focus, inviting academics from across the UK to join our events and workshops. These offer invaluable opportunities to make new contacts and to learn more about how to develop and present projects that will attract support and investment from a range of public and private sector funding sources.

Read about our collaborative partnership with the charity Versus Arthritis which supports medtech technology translation across the UK.

Grow MedTech (funded by Research England) is an IKC-led programme, which provides innovation support for medtech across the Leeds and Sheffield City Regions.

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UK Academic Partnerships



Our Proof of Concept programme was initially rolled out on a regional level and proved so successful that it was developed into a national programme with the aim of closing the early stage translation gap in universities across the UK. Our strategic focus remains the same and we are working with universities across the country that have aligned capabilities to develop new regenerative devices.

Since moving to this national focus we have funded over 40 POC projects at different UK universities, including UCL, Imperial College London, Nottingham, Cambridge, UEA, Manchester, Sheffield, Bradford and York, Manchester, Liverpool and more. A national evaluation panel has been set up to ensure all projects meet the requirements for Medical Technologies IKC investment and are evaluated consistently. A proportion of these projects are supported through our strategic partnership with Versus Arthritis and focus on developing solutions for patients with musculoskeletal conditions.

Our POC programme is not just a matter of providing funding – there is a clear demand for specialist innovation management to develop medical technologies to the point where they are investment ready. Our Technology Innovation Managers are key to this. They bring unique industrial expertise in the regenerative devices sector. They help identify early stage translation projects with real commercial potential and develop them in partnership with academics and clinicians.

Our Technology Innovation Managers can also help to identify national funding sources. This is particularly valuable, as it helps researchers take the next steps in successful research translation after POC funding has ended. We offer other late stage guidance as well, including health economics evaluation, clinical trials design and help to define the regulatory pathways for each new technology.

We are also forging relationships with core business partners who collaborate with funded projects. There are currently over 100 industry collaborators working on POC and collaborative development projects nationally.

The Medical Technologies IKC now plays a unique role in the UK medical technology and regenerative devices landscape and, together with its partners, has established the UK’s largest regenerative technologies network.