Internal Partnerships

The strength of the Medical Technologies IKC’s partnerships with organisations within the University of Leeds is fundamental to its success and creates a network of alliance from which all partners are able to benefit. We are able to work with practitioners and experts who are at the forefront of their field, as well as sharing valuable networks with organisations such as Regener8.

Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering

Our work with the Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering (iMBE), for example, means our researchers have access to world-class simulation facilities. These are used for developing robust pre-clinical test methods to ensure implants are reliable and will give patients the improved quality of life that they expect. More than a billion datasets collected from simulations carried out at the centre can be accessed to inform these tests and the Medical Technologies IKC is also able to work with iMBE to ensure this wealth of information and expertise is made available to industry partners.

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EPSRC Center for Innovative Manufacturing in Medical Devices

An ongoing alliance with Leeds’ MeDe Innovation has also provided opportunities that offer mutual benefit. MeDe Innovation focuses on the development of medical devices, particularly the research challenges associated with the design and manufacture of existing products. This relationship has enabled both organisations to strengthen their networks and industrial partnerships.

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EPSRC Center for Doctoral Training in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

We support early career researchers too, as they progress through Leeds’ Centre for Doctoral Training in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. The CDT is a critical part of our Medical Technologies IKC supply chain in terms of new knowledge as well as supplying skilled people for Medical Technologies IKC projects and directly to our industry partners.

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