Other Internal Partnerships

When a new medical technology is being developed for market, two criteria are critical for success: whether the technology is economically viable, and whether it is clinically robust. Our partnerships with Leeds’ Academic Unit of Health Economics and its Clinical Trial Research Unit, along with support from the University Innovation and Enterprise Centre means we can ensure these questions are addressed at the outset of any project.


Academic Unit of Health Economics

To develop new medical interventions is costly and time-consuming. By embedding health economics at every stage of the development cycle, the failure rate for new devices and implants can be greatly reduced.

Through the Academic Unit of Health Economics, we are able to work with individual projects and evaluate projects through asking key questions, such as:

  • Is there an unmet need for the product or service?
  • What’s on the market already and what does this cost?
  • What’s the market opportunity?
  • What will the price of the new product or service need to be to recoup development costs?
  • Will the new product or service provide enough value to justify the amount it will cost?

Having the answers to these questions at the outset can be invaluable in reducing risk and increasing the chances of market access to the technology. It also allows us to gain a better understanding of the balance between cost and value and to identify the right evidence base to increase the potential for success.

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Clinical Trials Research Unit

The Medical Technologies IKC has direct access to clinical trials support from the Clinical Trials Research Unit (CTRU) at the University of Leeds. The CTRU is one of the top five clinical research units in the UK, with an international reputation for conducting well-designed and executed multi-centre clinical trials.

The CTRU provides projects and Medical Technologies IKC partners with access to clinical trials expertise as new technologies and devices move closer to market.

The unit is an accredited cancer trials unit and is also accredited by the UK Clinical Research Collaboration, which recognises centres that can provide high quality multi-centre clinical trials. It provides comprehensive support across the range of clinical trials – from early phase design through to trials implementation. It has extensive experience in designing and managing efficient early stage, multi stage and adaptive clinical trials.

Through our close working relationship with CTRU, the Medical Technologies Medical Technologies IKC can offer:

  • Robust, unbiased statistical design of clinical trials
  • Clinical trials designed to address the requirements of regulatory frameworks
  • Access to a UK wide network of clinical expertise
  • Assistance in navigating complex legal and ethical frameworks
  • Expert analysis of trials outcomes

CTRU can also provide specialist project management and operational expertise, trial management and trial monitoring.

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Leeds University Business School (LUBs)

We work with academic researchers from Leeds University Business School to bring the best of what is known about innovation practice to benefit our portfolio of projects.

Further detail is one of our Enterprise Development pages.

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