The Medical Technologies IKC is committed to responsible innovation, to ensure that the innovations we promote are socially desirable and undertaken in the public interest.

Both our Executive Board and External Advisory Board have a dedicated member with specialist expertise in responsible innovation (RI), who will provide oversight and ensure the issue is regularly addressed and discussed. Our Operations Director is responsible for ensuring that all our RI processes are implemented, monitored and evaluated.

We follow the guidelines set in the UKRI EPSRC Framework for Responsible Innovation and have a responsible innovation framework for our three emergent technology areas, which is used to influence the direction of research and the innovation process in each area.

Our management processes incorporate specific approaches and guidelines for applying responsible innovation to the development of collaborations, exploration of new opportunities, new funding calls and translational projects with external partners.

We provide access to RI training to our staff, to ensure that those involved with every stage of the translational research pipeline are familiar with the concept and have the knowledge and understanding to put it into practice.