Med Tech Industry urged to bid in partnership for £100,000 proof-of-concept funding

Date: September 16, 2016

Medical technology companies working in Regenerative Devices and Medical Devices with Enhanced Regenerative Functions are being urged to co-develop new translational research proposals with academia for a newly launched funding call by the Medical Technologies IKC.  Grants of up to £100,000 are available for successful collaborative proposals.

Following a successful portfolio of translational projects, the Medical Technologies Innovation and Knowledge Centre has worked with sector stakeholders to identify and prioritise areas for development – leading to a focus on Regenerative Devices.

Regenerative devices is a growing area that focuses on functionally repairing and regenerating the patient’s own tissue.  The global market for regenerative devices (acellular scaffolds, bioactive biomaterials and implants) is estimated to grow at 20% per year to £50bn by 2020, creating a significant opportunity for the industry in the UK.

Dr Graeme Howling, Technology Innovation Manager at the IKC said “The industry-partnered funding presents an excellent opportunity for companies to collaborate with academia and access world-class expertise to develop new innovative solutions to grow their product portfolio. We hope through the partnered projects we will create what could potentially be a £1bn industry for the UK in the next 5-10 years”.

Interested applicants from industry are recommended to contact their existing academic partners to develop collaborative proposals for funding. The IKC will also assist industry in identifying and developing new academic partnerships if required. A briefing event will be held on Wednesday 12th October for any potential applicants who wish to ask any questions on the call.

Full information on the funding, deadlines and criteria can be found on the Medical Technologies IKC funding calls page.

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