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Regen Magazine 2016

Regen is the magazine for Regener8 members and the wider regenerative medicine community. It highlights the latest news on innovation, technologies and therapies for translational regenerative medicine. Download Regen (opens PDF in new window)

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Regener8 POC: Safer bone cement nears market

A bone cement formulation for middle ear surgery developed by the University of Sheffield is moving closer to market, thanks to guidance from the Medical Technologies IKC. The original bone cement used in middle ear surgery contained aluminium, which meant that it worked successfully in certain applications, but was neurotoxic in other sites. A re-formulated, […]

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Regener8 POC: A permanent solution for hypospadias

The treatment of a common developmental issue in young boys could be permanently resolved in an IKC-funded collaborative project between the Universities of York and Leeds. Hypospadias is a congenital abnormality in which the urethra develops abnormally. The condition often requires multiple or “staged” surgical repairs because the patient’s own tissue is inadequate in quantity […]

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