The Human Tissue Act eLearning from Newcastle University

Date: August 3, 2016

Newcastle University have recently launched an online course on the Human Tissue Act.  It covers best practice when working with human tissue in research, and how to ensure compliance with the Human Tissue Act.

The Human Tissue Act eLearning allows you to learn online, at any time, with no attendance required. Participants have access to a message board to ask questions directly of tutors, and will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Topics include:

– Why do we need regulations?
– Licensing
– Relevant materials
– Consent
– Obtaining tissue for research
– Ensuring compliance
– Sample management: transfer, storage, use and disposal.

It is suitable for students, research staff, clinicians and industry professionals, and is particularly well suited to training staff when a local training session is not conveniently scheduled.

The course costs £25 per person, takes around two hours to complete, and is full of videos, interactive animations and quizzes.

Please contact with any queries or visit the Newcastle University Webstore.

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