CGT Catapult to Collaborate with Oxford MEStar and AK (Suzhou) Biomedical as Part of Jiangsu-UK Industrial Challenge Programme

Date: January 16, 2018

Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult announce collaboration with Oxford MEStar and AK (Suzhou) Biomedical

The collaboration, funded by the Jiangsu-UK Industrial Challenge Programme, will develop a novel manufacturing process for CAR-T cell cancer therapy.   These are innovative but expensive treatments which can cost around $500,000 per treatment.

The project expects to be able to reduce production costs greatly.

Oxford MEStar is a bioengineering company based in Oxford which specialises in bioreactor systems and automated cell processing production and scale-up. Together with AK (Suzhou) Biomedical, a Chinese biotech specialising in products and services for clinical applications and the Catapult, this team will focus on introducing greater automation and closed system processing into the production system.


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