CEO of LightOx announced as keynote speaker at IKC Conference

Date: June 11, 2019

Dr Sam Whitehouse, CEO of LightOx Ltd has been announced as keynote speaker at IKC Conference, taking place on 21 June.

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About Dr Whitehouse

Dr Whitehouse is an experienced board member with executive experience in both innovation and service based companies.  Overseeing the development and commercialisation of world leading products for healthcare products and working with some of the world’s leading institutes, he has brought some of the very best innovations to market. As CEO and board member, he oversees the governance and strategy of the company, giving guidance and structure for the team.

With a background in chemistry and molecular biology, and experienced in bringing research to commercial realisation Dr Whitehouse oversees product portfolio expansion, regulation and accreditation in LightOx’s specified target markets, as well as securing the required funding and commercial deals.


Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry

Chartered Chemist

Patent – WO/2008/029082 US2012295824 – Hydrophilic surfaces for reducing friction forces.

Patent – US2015276709 –  Methods and Kit for Nucleic acid sequencing

Patent – PCT/US15/49519 – Sorbent materials for separating bio-macromolecules.

Patent – US62/220,601 – Novel automated printing device for the production and quantification of multi-functional electronic devices

About LightOx

Originally founded in August 2016, LightOx Ltd comes from over 8 years of research into novel compounds that have a unique function within our cells.

Collaborative research from Durham, Oxford and York Universities looking at the incorporation of vitamin-A like tags has resulted in the discovery of a new class of compound that is able to penetrate the cell and disrupt cell function causing cell death.

LightOx Ltd have been successful in securing non-diluting grants to further the product portfolio and investigate both new market possibilities and new product developments.

Angel investment has been secured to cover the initial commercialisation and rollout of the existing product range, with further funds being sought to accelerate this process over the coming 24 months.

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