Arthritis Research UK Launch Senior Research Fellowships

Date: July 14, 2014

Senior Research Fellowship

Applicants should normally have between 6 and 12 years’ postdoctoral research experience and proven ability in establishing an independent research programme, substantiated by publications in international journals and the award of peer-reviewed grants.

They should be based in a multidisciplinary environment in a UK university department or research institute, but we would welcome applications from international candidates intending to move to a UK institution.

Salaries will be according to age and experience on the appropriate scientific or clinical salary scale. Application may also be made for a supporting technician, running costs and essential equipment. An enhanced budget of up to £1M will be available for these awards
Senior research fellowships will be awarded for 5 years and are not renewable. These fellowships are advertised once a year.

Application should be made by the candidate and include a statement from the head of department agreeing to provide appropriate facilities and outlining, if possible, any commitment by the institution to the future career of the applicant. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview.

The number of proposals currently being submitted to Arthritis Research UK means that it has been necessary for us to introduce a triage system to identify at an early stage those applications which are unlikely to be shortlisted. All applicants are now required to submit a brief scientific summary on their proposal which will be used for the purpose of triage if a large number of applications are received. The assessment of the scientific summaries will be performed by members of the Arthritis Research UK Fellowship Implementation Committee. Considering the Scientific Summary they will evaluate the scientific merit of the project, the track record and future potential of the applicant and the suitability of the proposal for an Arthritis Research UK Fellowship. Applicants will be informed at an early stage if their proposal has been triaged and all other applications will undergo full peer review. Instructions on writing the scientific summary can be found on the application form.

These fellowships are awarded by the Fellowships Implementation Committee.

For further information visit the ARUK webpage

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