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Extending our influence – Dr Jo Dixon-Hardy

Dr Jo Dixon-Hardy is the Director of Medical Technologies Innovation. Among the IKC’s most energising achievements has been its success in extending successful innovation practice across academic research translation programmes both regionally and nationally. Our distinctive contribution is driven by our technology innovation managers (TIMs). Because they all have extensive experience of developing commercial products in […]

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Developing a regenerative material in an evolving industry: an interview with Dr Mike Raxworthy

In this interview with RegMedNet, Dr Mike Raxworthy (Medical Technologies IKC, Regener8 and Neotherix) discusses the development of an electrospun scaffold for tissue regeneration. He also discusses the evolution of the regenerative medicine industry in the UK, and the IKC’s community – Regener8.    

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MedTech BEST

MedTech BEST (Business and Entrepreneurial Skills Training) is about taking research into the marketplace (translation). Participants on the course learn about the skills, evidence, and regulations needed and the challenges likely to be encountered along this pathway. The task is to develop a MedTech product concept to solve a verified clinical need. The concept will […]

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