UK Industrial Strategy and the Ten Pillars


UK Industrial Strategy and the Ten Pillars

Date: September 27, 2017

As activities begin to step-up again after the summer, we are as keen as ever to build the UK regenerative devices community with advice, expertise and support. The priorities of the Medical Technologies IKC remain as enabling the commercialisation of UK science base – particularly for the regenerative devices sector, supporting businesses to start and grow, and developing skills to help people and businesses thrive.  In fact, the bulk of IKC-Regener8’s activities map directly onto the ten pillars of the UK’s Industrial Strategy Green paper published earlier in the year.  The UK science base around medical technology is world-leading and has the potential to drive economic growth – provided that knowledge and discovery is translated into products and services and these are adopted to benefit patients and the NHS.

With the publication of the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy report in August, we now see more substance of how the UK might exploit the strengths of the wider sector. It is good to see the proposals for the support of translational science, life science clusters, manufacturing, industry-NHS collaboration and entrepreneur training contained in the report. We look forward to next steps and implementation that will further strengthen the development of regenerative devices within the MedTech sector.

Mike Raxworthy, Operations Director, Regener8.

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